Red Bull Street Art View


Red Bull Street Art View | 2011

A collaborative collection of sites from Google Street View showcasing street art all over the globe. Tag your favorite spot, share it with friends and help build the world's largest art collection.

Recognitions and Awards

. Cannes Lions 2011: Silver Lion (Cyber) + 7 shortlists (Promo, PR, Media, Cyber)
. One Show Interactive 2011: Silver Pencil + 1 Merit
. LIA 2011: Silver (Digital)
. CLIO 2011: Bronze (Interactive)
. 2012 Webby Awards Honoree
. El Ojo 2011: Gold (interactive) + Silver (Direct)
. FIAP 2011: 2 Bronze (Promo & Innovation)
. FWA: Site of the day (03/mar/11)
Copywriter and programmer: Raphael Franzini. Art Director: Gustavo de Lacerda. Creative direction by Guga Ketzer. Work done at Loducca.

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